Your Generosity Has Unlocked the Power of Education to Help Young Girls Live Their Dreams

Nabila and Rimsha Ramzan were raised in the village of Khuhra, where their father enrolled them at the local DIL school. Nabila, being older, gained a strong foundation of knowledge, self-confidence, and life skills to succeed in the field she had been most passionate about from an early age—science.  One day, however, their father was killed, leaving Nabila to support her family on her own. She began work as a teacher, sharing with younger students the marvels of science, but her ultimate dream was to explore this passion at the university level. So Nabila’s DIL school helped her confront the challenge of teaching and studying to gain admission to a first-rate university at the same time, all while still grieving her father’s death. Happily, she was admitted to a scholarship program at Sukkur Institute of Business Administration. Rimsha, too, was admitted to Sukkur’s prestigious Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College, becoming the first DIL student from Khairpur to attend a medical college. Nabila and Rimsha’s story is a testament to the power of education and the importance of elevating the underprivileged.