You Can Make A Difference

There are many ways you can help! In lieu of asking for gifts, celebrate your birthday, wedding, graduation or other special day by asking for donations that support educating and empowering underprivileged children in Pakistan. Got an athletic streak? Set a fundraising goal for your next race, ride or hike. We can also help you create a personal fundraising page to motivate your classmates, friends or community members to get involved. Are you an expert in education or know one? At the moment we’re searching for people with expertise in curriculum development.

We’re always open to hearing creative new ideas about how to advance DIL’s cause. Please e-mail us at officepk@dil.org.

How You Can Make That Difference

Meet Fiza

Fiza always dreamt of becoming a doctor one day, but her family were poor, and her father—who wished to see his daughter thrive—couldn’t afford the cost of her taking a rickshaw to and from college. Spending 100 rupees a day on transportation meant she had no choice but to limit her attendance to exam weeks, even though this could have hurt her grades. “I think it’s just not meant to be,” Fiza’s father said, his head turned away so she wouldn’t see his tears.

Realizing that getting a strong education was the only means of living her dreams, Fiza gathered the courage to ask DIL to cover half of her expenses so she could study further. Her local DIL school, aware that the stakes for her couldn’t be higher, agreed to help her, offering her a pathway to master medicine and change her family’s future for good.

There are many children in Pakistan who won’t get the same chance as Fiza to discover their talents.

But you can give new life to their dreams by joining one of our 3 national chapters or our current international chapter!