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Double the Impact

Since 2022, DIL has doubled the number of students we educate. The new numbers that have just come in show marked improvement over the course of a difficult year for Pakistan. Check them out below!

Your Generosity Has Unlocked the Power of Education to Help Young Girls Live Their Dreams

Nabila and Rimsha Ramzan were raised in the village of Khuhra, where their father enrolled them at the local DIL school. Nabila, being older, gained a strong foundation of knowledge, self-confidence, and life skills to succeed in the field she had been most passionate about from an early age—science.  One day, however, their father was …

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Hopes For 2023

Grade 10 DIL School Thallian student, Bushra Gul, talks about her hopes for this year. Your support today will help children like Bushra get ever closer to their 2023 goals. Click the light green ‘Donate’ button in the top right corner of this website!

An Educator’s Perspective

DIL Nowa Rind School ECE (Early Childhood Education) teacher, Irfana, speaks about what she envisages for her life in 2023, especially after all the challenges the previous year presented to educators across Pakistan.

How TEAL Makes A Difference

Grade 8 DIL Khuda Ki Basti School student, Sidra, feels confident about how to use adverbs correctly, which is tricky even for native English speakers. TEAL allows children like Sidra to learn aurally and visually at the same time, making possible a higher retention of new concepts. It also gets students accustomed to proper English …

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Partnering With U-Go

U-Go provides financial scholarships to young women in low-income countries so they can pursue higher education. Since the latter half of 2022, DIL has identified 105 girls for university-level education on their approved subject list. Ninety-two of these girls have already secured admissions. A total of 4 slots were earmarked for candidates supported by the …

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