DIL builds, operates and manages 124 child-friendly school campuses across three provinces of Pakistan, providing education for students from Nursery through Grade 10 (Matric Level)DIL school environments are safe spaces for students to learn from trained teachers with appropriate and adequate resources. With well-ventilated classrooms, secure boundary walls and private latrine facilities, all DIL schools meet cultural and practical demands to best support students’ physical, social and emotional well-being.

Program focus areas:

DIL is committed to providing a girl-friendly education, with a female student enrollment rate of 67%. Females comprise nearly 90% of school staff. Girls are encouraged to be active leaders and DIL provides need-based scholarships for female students seeking higher education opportunities.

DIL schools adopt a 21st century approach to teaching and learning. The curriculum focuses on an activity-based approach that seeks to build critical thinking and problem solving skills along with conceptual clarity in core areas of learning. Books and technology are leveraged to promote multi-dimensional literacy and help students explorenew horizons.>The DIL model is focused heavily on community support and participation. After 16 years in the field, we’ve earned a high degree of trust, which has allowed us to encourage female enrollment and attendance, bring access to technology and build a sense of community ownership. DIL schools have become learning centers for students, families and communities.


Sajad is a student of BadwanBala School in Grade 3. His father is a baker and daily wage earner and mother works as a janitor. He has four brothers and four sisters, and works at his father’s shop to help feed the family. Sajad has a loves being in school, but his family cannot afford his education expenses. His mother shared their financial pressures with the head teacher. The family was given full reassurance that DIL provides full fee concessions to children in need. The family registered Sajad in school, and he is a very intelligent and hardworking student. He earned the top position in class in the final exams and his teachers are very happy with him. He is very thankful to the school, the teachers and DIL for giving him the opportunity to get education and making his future.