DIL student invented a USB fan from recycled material

“Explor13118884_10156909248140434_2399917956231983005_nation is an engine that drives innovation”. Shoaib Khan is a student of grade 7th from DIL M.M Katohar School, Khairpur, Sindh. According to his teachers, he has always been curious in exploring wonders of science. During the science subject lesson on circuits, the students were given a project assignment on inventing a device. Shoaib was keen to invent something that can help him in real life as well. Since Khairpur region is one of the hottest areas in Pakistan, the summers are merciless. Shoaib decided to invent something that can help him minimize the effect of heat in summers. ICT lessons at school made him have a firm grip on online research skills and he independently explored different knowledge platforms that served the purpose. He advanced to scientific inventions on the youtube.com channel for guidance. He found a model of USB fan and replicated it. He decided to make the USB fan from the recycled material. The wings of the fan are made up of recycled plastic bottle. The fan has its own motor which is connected with a USB cable for power supply. The fan can work on any USB port.

Shoaib Khan admits the fact that combining science and IT can create marvels. He believes in inventing more low cost scientific devices in future which can help him in supporting his community. He has made us believe that investing in science has never been a disappointment.