A Wonderful Journey of My Life with DIL

Assalam o Alaikum everyone, I am Mehnoor Mushtaq from DIl Paradise School Junior 9. I am really glad to share a wonderful journey of my life with DIL from my infancy until now. I feel accomplished for being a part of that. For me, it is a “Land of Enhancement”, where I identified all my skills and it got polished. It gave me so much confidence that I am able to speak in front of so many people. It made my life meaningful.

As a schoolgirl when I joined DIL in class KG, I was very shy. But, after school I practiced how to collaborate easily with everyone. Leading and teambuilding are the best qualities which I developed in myself with the help of my teachers. While I was there, DIL launched IT, English language and other courses. It is because of my school that I became part of a wonderful English Access Micro Scholarship program and had a great experience there. It’s really a source of pride for me to be a teacher here.

In the teaching section of my life I am getting so many ideas, knowledge and information by PIEDAR, iEARN, PBL and other curriculum activities. Its techniques unconsciously urge me to explore new things day by day. It makes me conscious towards my goals and it teaches me life skills. It also helps me to design more activities in more effective ways. I have been part of DIL since my childhood and I want to be with it all my life. It’s my wish for DIL that:

A Wonderful Journey of My Life with DIL“Whenever a name of DIL comes in our mind there would be thousands of girls and boys who would raise their hands and say, yes! It made my life.”

Thank you!

Regards: Mehnoor Mushtaq
Librarian and I T backup
DIL Paradise School J-9